viernes, 11 de enero de 2008

Funky business plays karaoke capitalism

I agree almost in everything. Kjell and Jonas make an intelligent view of the individual as todays king. It's nonsense to believe that just a few control everything, it's even irresponsible to believe so. The TV we watch, the magazines we read, the sites we visit, are of our entire choice. So when stupid TV shows are so popular and rank first in the charts it's just due to us all. Don't try to believe someone is feeding us with that rubbish, its you, me and our neighboors who completely free choose to consume it. So today the TV and the rest of the media are a mirror of our society. We like to watch violence, pornography and listen to gossips rather to consume other healthier products. We must asume our responsability, understand thay we decide and they obey, so it depends on us to make things better... believe it or not finally we have the power

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